Spare Parts Warranty

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None of our customers have ever expected spare parts for the products they bought from us. One of the most important reasons why the companies of which we are the Only Representative in Turkey have given our company the sole representation office and that we have continued our business as the Only Representative since the 2000s is that we keep a sufficient amount of spare part...

Disabled Lift in Bird Paradise National Park

In Balıkesir, the administrative and museum building of the Kuşcenneti National Park, where 66 bird species breeding each year and 266 bird species in total, are being strengthened, continues. In Balıkesir, the administrative and museum building of the Bird Paradise National Park, where there are 66 bird species breeding each year, and 266 bird species in total, is ongoing.Acc...

Stair Lift Service in Corona Days

Merdiven Asansörü Engelli Asansörü müdür, merdiven asansörü servisi
Stair Lift Service in Corona Days As is known, stair lifts are elevator systems produced for people who have difficulty in using stairs. In other words, it is not a luxury need, but an essential one. These systems are used by the elderly, those with temporary ailments, those without physical competence, some disability groups, patients. Therefore, these systems should be in w...

Handicare quality emerges over the years

Stair Lifts are alternative systems that are produced to provide transportation between floors in situations where classical type elevators cannot be constructed and those who are forced to use stairs. Stair lifts are extremely safe. Seat stair lifts are not "handicapped standart lifts, which is considered as standard. Handicare is the world's best and smart stair lift...

Mevcut Engelli Asansörü Tipleri

Yazı Konusu: Mevcut Engelli Asansörü Tipleri Engelli platformu, çok fazla duyulmamış asansör tasarımlarından biridir. Buna rağmen, platform asansörleri aralığı oldukça geniştir. Her şekil ve boyutta olabilirler ve farklı işlevler gerçekleştirirler. Her platform asansörü, kurulması gereken mekâna ve gerçekleştirmesi gereken ana fonksiyona bağlı olarak farklı avantajlara sahipt...

Merdiven Asansörlerini Anlamak

Yazı Konusu: Merdiven Asansörlerini Anlamak   Merdivenler son derece basit oldukları kadar aynı zamanda inanılmaz derecede de karmaşıktırlar. Bazı insanlar için, merdiven inip çıkmak çok kolay ama bazı insanlar için hiç de kolay değildir. Çünkü bazı insanlar sakatlanmalara maruz kalmış olabilirler ya da hastalıkları veya yaş dolayısı ile merdiven kullanmaları zor olabili...

Engelli Merdiven Asansörleri ile Kendinize Güvenin

Engelli Merdiven Asansörleri ile Kendinize Güvenin   Merdivenden inip çıkmak bazen sıkıcı bir egzersiz olabilir. Hele merdivenleri kullanmak zorlaşır ve hareket kabiliyeti devre dışı kaldığında daha da kötüleşir. İstenilen kata ulaşmak için başkalarına güvenmeniz gerekebilir. Bu ise çok zaman alıcıdır ve hareketlerinizin özgürlüğünü kısıtlar. Bu nedenle Engelli Merdiven ...

Stay Active with Platform Lift

Stay Active Always with Platform Lift Being confined to a wheelchair can be a distressing situation, especially for someone who has been very active before and of course for everyone. Keeping you dependent on someone else to lift you in and out of the vehicle, or moving you in after a trip, can seriously damage your self-esteem and make you feel like a burden. Most of the ...

Try a LiftArt Disabled Lift for Safety, Comfort and Convenience

Try a LiftArt Disabled Lift for Safety, Comfort and Convenience & Nbsp; Disabled Lift and Disabled Platform A battery or electric disabled lift is a device that makes it easier to walk up and down stairs or to get you to the floors effortlessly. There are types that run along the ladder or operate vertically or vertically. Whether you're trying to make your life easie...