Stair Lift Measurement in Covid-19 Days

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In Covid-19 days, the stair lift measurement process of course requires some special precautions. In those days when the threat continues, especially people with a high risk group need a stair lift, but they are afraid to invite foreign people to their homes for exploration. Of course, we are right about this issue and we welcome their sensitive thinking with understanding. In...

Stair Lift Instalation at Covid-19 Days

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In the first days of June 2020, the world and our beautiful country still do not make life easier for those who still have difficulty using stairs while struggling with Corona virus, Covid-19. People who have difficulty in using stairs or who are banned from using stairs by the doctor but who live in houses with stairs continue to find solutions for these problems. Elevator n...

Corona Virus and Stair Lift

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Corona Virus and Stair Lift Due to the corona virus, which became the scourge of the whole world in 2020, all humanity suffered deep injuries and continues to get it; he has lost a lot and gives. We hope that humanity will get rid of this trouble in a very short time. As the virus started to spread, people started to doubt whether I could get the virus. Masks were worn, glove...