Disabled Lift Battery Maintenance

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Disabled Elevator Battery Maintenance What to Do When You're Away Most wheelchair lifts are powered by batteries (batteries) placed under the seat. Batteries are charged with a charger plugged into a standard wall socket. Batteries usually last for several years. Of course, the amperage and voltage of the batteries may be different according to the disabled lift model and feat...

The Indisputable Superiority of the Double Main Motor Stairlift

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The Indisputable Superiority of the Double Main Motor Stairlift The advantages of our Handicare FreeCurve model elevator, which is the only "2 Main Motor" stairlift in the world, over other brands are as follows. We do the transportation work that other brands do with a single main engine, with a double engine that is 2 times stronger. Our engines always run at 50% performanc...

Stairlift Battery Maintenance

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Stairlift Battery Maintenance What to Do When You're Away Most stairlifts use a battery (with batteries) to accommodate your seat. Batteries are switched to voltage with an attack device that plugs into a standard wall socket. Batteries last for several years. Of course, depending on the model of the stairlift and the amperage of the batteries, they may be different. A good ba...

The History of the Stairlift

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The History of the Stairlift Revealed Did you know that many people believe that stairlifts are a modern invention? This is false information, however, and stairlifts have been around for decades, and it may surprise you to learn that stairlifts date back to the 16th century. The stairlifts you see today have innovative technology. Despite society's assumption, the first stair...

How to Maintain a Stairlift

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How to Maintain a Stairlift First of all, the maintenance of the stair lift or the disabled lift should be done by authorized, competent people. Since these elevators are not like other types of elevators, they must be made by authorized technical service personnel who have been trained in this subject. We highly recommend this topic. Otherwise, a person who does not know the ...

Tips for Cleaning the Stairlift

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1. The Basics When you buy a stairlift, it's important to read through the owner's manual to learn the basic operating rules for the chair. For example, if you hope to keep the chair in good working order, each device has a maximum carrying capacity that should not be exceeded. In addition, outdoor stairlifts have different requirements for maintenance and cleaning than indoor ...

(Turkish) Toplu Taşıma Araçları için Engelli Asansörü

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There are also disabled lifts for public transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses. For example, there are also disabled elevators in buses produced by Temsa. Temsa announced that it has completed the second batch of 22 units after the first batch of 4 units delivered to the Belgian public transport company OTW last December 2020. Including a total of 26 LD SB PLUS ...

Places where Disabled Elevators can be Mounted

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You must think of many places where disabled elevators can be installed. For example, apartments, official institutions, hospitals, detached houses, villas, schools, museums, hotels, airports. These examples can of course be reproduced. According to a news we have learned now, a disabled elevator will be installed in the observation tower in Balıkesir Bird Paradise National P...

Spare Parts Warranty

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None of our customers have ever expected spare parts for the products they bought from us. One of the most important reasons why the companies of which we are the Only Representative in Turkey have given our company the sole representation office and that we have continued our business as the Only Representative since the 2000s is that we keep a sufficient amount of spare part...


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There are many people wondering whether escalators and stairlift are the same product or the same. And some use the term "escalator" for stairlift. However, this term is a wrong term for stairlift or disabled lift. The escalator, which we can usually see in shopping malls, ie shopping centers, has nothing to do with a disabled elevator or a stair elevator. Escalators are type...