Disabled Lift in Bird Paradise National Park

In Balıkesir, the administrative and museum building of the Kuşcenneti National Park, where 66 bird species breeding each year and 266 bird species in total, are being strengthened, continues. In Balıkesir, the administrative and museum building of the Bird Paradise National Park, where there are 66 bird species breeding each year, and 266 bird species in total, is ongoing.Acc...

Disabled Lift Models

Disabled Elevator Lifts for the disabled Lift for the disabled is designed for the persons who are not able to step up on any elevation or ascend a stair. Designers and engineers want to remove all obstacles to travel between the two floors. With this aim, many types of disabled lifts are designed and manufactured. These are can be summarized as follows: Inclined wheelchair l...

Disabled Lifts 2020 Market Size Analysis

Engelli Asansörleri 2020 Pazar Büyüklüğü Analizi, Yeni Güncellemeler ile Sektör Genişlemesi, Yükselen Talepler, Son Trendler, Fırsatlar, 2021’de Etkileyici Büyüme Küresel Engelli Asansörleri pazar araştırma raporu 2019-2020, çeşitli sektörlerde teknoloji ve otomasyondaki hızlı büyümenin yönlendirdiği çok boyutlu analizler sunar; pazar katılımcıları, etkili büyüme stratejileri ...

Cordova’s Elevator Clock

Cordova’nın asansör saati
The elevator clock of the Cordova Kardeşler Apartment in Beyoğlu, which watchmaker Recep Gürgen said "I have not seen another wife", has been restored. The 99-year-old clock, which was unknown when it stopped, caught the time again. The CORDOVA Family immigrated to Istanbul from Spain's Iberian Peninsula in 1492. Moshe Cordova, the musician son of Rabbi Nesim Cordova, who is t...

About Disabled Lifts

WHAT IS A PLATFORM LIFT? A platform lift is a platform that rises up and down the stairs allowing people with disabilities or the elderly the comfort, ease, and independence of an elevator. It is ideal for transporting a person who is seated in a wheelchair or with impaired mobility across multiple stairs. The majority of the lifts are user-generated and do not require the assi...

Disabled Lifts Vertical Platform Lift For Every Application

Disabled Vertical Platform Lift The Vertical Platform Lifts from MORNLIFT effortlessly adapt to height differences of up to six meters, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their small footprint (no shaft required), our vertical platform lifts can be installed in new buildings just as easily as they can be retrofitted in existing properties. Depending on which type you choose, the...

History of Wheelchair

tekerlekli sandalyenin tarihi, ilk tekerlekli sandalyeler
No one knows for sure when the first wheelchair was invented, but its origins date back to ancient times. The earliest records of a wheeled transport device were found in a stone carving in China and a picture on a Greek vase of a children's bed with wheels. The first known wheelchair deliberately designed for disability and mobility was called the "disabled chair". In 1595, K...

Benefits of a Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair lift provides a safe, convenient way to access your home. Unlike a home elevator which requires indoor installation, it is appropriate for indoor or outdoor installation. To meet your specific needs and preferences, wheelchair lifts are also available enclosed or unenclosed and designed with skid-resistant flooring for safe access in all weather conditions. Pit depth...

Disabled Lift without Gear System

Disabled lifts or disabled seat lifts all over the world generally move thanks to a gear system. In some cases it is also necessary and a different type may not be made. But Handicare has produced and launched a gearless system for flat-type disabled seat elevators for the first time in the world. This elevator model, which has been used by the world since 2019, has been teste...

Disabled Seat

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What comes to mind when you hear the words disabled seat. Is it a seat model for a disabled person, a seat designed for a disabled person or another expression of a disabled seat lift? Some people look for a handicapped seat stairlift while looking at the product picture because they do not know the name or term of those they are looking for. They are actually looking for a st...