Pool Lift iSwim 1 and iSwim 2
Battery Powered Mobile Type Pool Lift

2 models are available.
iSwim 1 and iSwim 2 (Designs are different. For further information please contact us)

I-Swim pool lift complies the following regulations:
– Directive 2006/42/CE | Machine Directive
– Directive 2004/108/EC | EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
– UNI EN ISO 10535 | Hoist For The Transfer of Disabled Persons
– 93/42/CEE | Medical Device Directive


Technical features I-Swim Pool Lift
Structure Materials Aluminium / Stainless Steel
Nr of Wheels 4 (2 with brake)
Lifting structure Parallelogram
Painting Powder Coating
Safety Anti-Tip and Stabilizing System – Patented
Lifting Capacity 136 Kg
Own Weight ca. 140 Kg
Voltage 24V
Battery datas 2 Batteries – 2 x 18Amp
Battery Working range 50 Cycles approx
Battery Charger Included
Instruments (on Handrail) Battery Load Indicator
Up-Down Push Buttons
Emergency Stop Button