Stair Lift for the Disabled – Model: Next
Brand: Extrema
Origin: Italy
Model: Next (New Generation Elevator Model)
Turkey General Distributor: liftart Elevator

Working system:
With the outgoing motor on the gear located on the rail.
The engine system is located in a thin and specially designed platform lift.
Slim structure and special design easily passes through the narrowest steps.
With the digital dashboard, everything is at your fingertips

Technicial Specifications:
Minimum Ladder Width: 980 mm
Platform Dimensions (mm): min 750×600 / max 1000×800
Load Capacity: 300 kg (daN)
Working Angle: 0 – 45 degrees
Minimum Rail Distance: 160 mm from the wall
Motor Power: 0,66 kW
Control Voltage: 48V (dc)
Speed: 0,12 m / sec max.
Mounting Suitability: Indoor and Outdoor
Soft Stop and Takeoff: Standard
Deceleration in Curves and Curves: Standard

Suitable for all types of straight staircases, home or outdoor. Installation is very simple and done in a short time.
Next platform stair lifts offer users a wide range of applications.
It can be applied to the right side or the left side of the ladder.
Both platform and platform railings provide wheelchair users a safe and secure use.
With the anti-slip base, users can leave the platform safely and in a controlled manner on slopes caused by the ground when the platform is fully down.
When not in use, the platform and hand grips (arms) are folded to save space and do not take up much space on the stairs.
The safety sensors are located on the top, sides, bottom and under the machine body.
The product can also be selected in various sizes, facing different directions.
Both indoors and outdoors can also be used.
Available in stainless steel. (Optional)
The product is manufactured and designed in Italy. Please contact us for further information