Chair Stair Lift from Handicare, 1100 model

It is a stair lift that does not require lubrication ..!

Modern design, stylish lines and space-saving rail will be a beautiful accessory of your home.

It has a self-cleaning system and does not collect dust-dirt-oil.

Suitable for Indoor Use. And only for “completely flat type stairs”.

Model: 1100
Brand: Handicare
Manufacturer: Handicare Netherlands
Country of origin: Netherlands
Turkey Representative and Distributor: lifart
Cruising Distance: max 7 mt
Rail Lengths: 235 cm / piece
Standard Package Rail Size: 470 cm
Carrying Capacity: 140 kg

Since there is no gear on our elevator, there are no parts that require lubrication.

It is very quiet because it does not have gear. It runs on 8 pulleys controlled by 4 motors and is the Most Reliable Ladder Lift.

The rails are always clean as it does not require lubrication, it does not collect dirt and dust on it. It always stays clean. It cleans itself with the brushes on the main unit.

Our rails are always mounted on the steps, not on the wall.

As with all Handicare stair lifts, the 1100 has a back-up system. Thanks to this system, the device continues to move even if the power is cut.

In the 1100, the foot plate can be folded manually or optionally with the motor. The seat is equipped with an active tensioned seat belt as standard.

In the 1100 model, the rails feature continuous charging. Wherever you leave the seat on the rail, charging continues.

2 remote controllers are standard.

Easy to use
Our 1100 model elevator has stylish control arms made of durable and hard material that you can control by pressing and holding.

The joystick is located at the end of the armrest, designed for easy use with your fingers or wrist …

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